this is HARDY

My name is Michael Hardy, and I am running for Council in Ward 11. I am a lifelong resident of Ward 11 and was born and raised in this community. As a child, I played in this community's streets and recreation centers. I learned to worship on Emery Avenue at Second Calvary Baptist Church, where I still serve as a greeter and scholarship committee member. I attended John Marshall High School, and because of the influence of family, friends, and neighbors, it was here that I first developed the sense of community service that I still carry with me today. The idea of working as this community’s representative every day to secure a better future for my neighbors is a dream come true.

As a union member and the son of two union-working parents, I understand workers' concerns and know that perhaps the key issue in our City and Ward is the issue of jobs. I have a B.A. from Cleveland State University, where I majored in Communication and minored in Spanish. Later, I obtained a Master of Education Degree in special education from Cleveland State University. Those learning experiences allow me to understand how educational systems work and enhance my communication with different people.

My experience goes beyond the area. I spent time as a student in Spain, Taiwan, and South Korea, working as a teacher-trainer and School Director. From that, I came to appreciate how the diversity of this Ward prepared me to live in the world. But I also saw how other nations encouraged their people to compete on the world stage to obtain the required skills. One of the things I hope to do in Council is to bring that thirst for learning to our community. For example, we must renew the training and educational opportunities previously available in this Ward to help residents upgrade their skills. I will be ready to form alliances with others in Council to help prepare the City to prepare for the future economy. I commit to securing Covid Relief funds for job training in our Ward.

I have always served this community. As a former president of the West Park Community Coalition, I collaborated with former Council Member Dona Brady and other city officials to address the lack of lighting on streets, the placement of RTA stops, and crime and safety. In addition, I worked with local organizations to help them obtain grants, organize information-sharing sessions, organize community events, and recruit volunteers to help on various community-related endeavors and local and national political campaigns. Re-thinking how we work together to accomplish our goals is central to my vision.

I am running for Cleveland City Council to serve Ward 11 and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. As a council member, I will look to upgrade the quality and efficiency of City Services, reduce crime rates, and make Ward 11 the finest Ward in the City. I am devoted to the concept of Transparent Government. The people’s voices are most important in local government. That devotion is why I am so supportive of the Clevelanders for Public Comment legislative proposal that provides a meaningful way for the citizens of Cleveland to voice their opinions on the business of the City. But this commitment extends beyond the Public Comment issue to my pledge, if elected, to (1) create a Ward 11 focused newsletter to keep people informed and (2) form a Ward 11 Community Board to work with existing organizations to advise the Councilperson on issues.

As an experienced educator, I am qualified to address the needs of our schools. I see innovation and diversified learning as the key to success. All citizens must be armed with the data to make informed educational decisions. Finally, one of my most important objectives will be fostering a culture of economic growth and job creation within this great City. The City of Cleveland cannot afford to be left in the past. We must be ready to face the challenges of a new economy, one which some are calling the new (or fourth) Industrial Revolution. The City must be prepared, and I, among the candidates for Ward 11’s council seat, have taken the time to review the studies and tell us how to get there. After all, if our Ward's people prosper, many other issues are easier to address.

I respectfully ask for your support in this election for Cleveland’s Ward 11 council seat. So, vote HARDY on Election Day, and let us conquer the future together.

HARDY at a Glance

♦ Lifetime Resident of Ward 11

♦ Graduate of John Marshall High School

♦ Holds a Bachelors & Masters Degree from Cleveland State       University

♦ Internationally-Experienced Educator &  Former School Director

♦ Past President West Park Community Coalition

♦ Ward 11 Democratic Precinct Committee Member

♦ Board Member Westown Community Development Corporation

♦ Master Certified Health Coach

♦ Lifetime Member Second Calvary Baptist Church



Tuesday, September 14, 2021 vote for

Michael Hardy Cleveland City

Council Ward 11