this is HARDY

I am Michael Hardy, Ward 11’s Ward Leader and City Council Candidate. I am running to represent Ward 11 on November 7, 2023. A lifelong resident of Ward 11, minus some years overseas where I worked in South Korea and Taiwan as a teacher, teacher-trainer, and school director, I am the only candidate in this race who lives in the Ward. As a child, I played in this community's streets, parks, and recreation centers. I learned to worship on Emery Avenue at Second Calvary Baptist Church, where I still attend and serve. I am the son of two hard-working union parents and a child and graduate of what is now the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. In addition, I am a proud graduate and former adjunct professor at Cleveland State University.

After working overseas, I returned to the United States of America with a fresh set of eyes, looking at my wonderful City (Cleveland) and Ward (11) and saw areas that needed improvement. I listened to everyone in and around the Ward (seniors, youth, new and longtime residents), and I took notes. I got right to work, as an educator, working with youth in our local schools and programs, serving in different capacities (scout leader, youth counselor, tutor, community volunteer, etc.); I worked on local boards and committees, communicating with seniors and other residents, connecting them to information and resources, including health and wellness services; I befriended many residents, connecting unemployed and underemployed residents to education, job services and other opportunities. While shopping in the local businesses, I made it a point to communicate with the owners about their needs and the difficulties they face in the midst of our economic challenges and connected some newcomers to information and resources.

When talking with people in and around Ward 11, a common theme was shared, “We can do better.” With the right leadership, we will do better.

In 2021, Ward 11’s residents asked me to run for City Council. When the seat became available, the residents asked me to run again.

My lifelong ties to Ward 11 inspire me to work for the Ward’s long-term success. I have a desire to be the Ward 11 Council Member, and I have a desire to serve Ward 11.

I respectfully ask for your support on November 7, 2023, for Cleveland’s Ward 11 City Council Seat. Vote HARDY on Election Day, and let’s keep our Ward’s Integrity and Character intact.





HARDY at a Glance

♦ Lifetime Resident of Ward 11

♦ Cleveland Teachers Union Member

♦ Internationally-Experienced Educator & Author

♦ Former Teacher-Trainer & School Director

♦ Master Certified Health Coach

♦ Ward 11 Leader

♦ Central & Executive Committee Member

♦ John Marshall High School Graduate

♦ Cleveland State University Graduate & Former Adjunct Professor

♦ Lifetime Member of Second Calvary Baptist Church

♦ Former Westown Community Development Corporation Board Member

♦ Past President of West Park Community Coalition

♦ Past Professor at Cleveland State University

♦ Past Member of United Food & Commercial Service Workers Union




Tuesday, November 7, 2023 vote for

Michael Hardy Cleveland City

Council Ward 11